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                                    Getting Back Into Great Shape After Childbirth

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Getting Your Postpartum Abdomen Back Into Shape


So what are the benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle and do they actually make a difference?

Most of us worry about our bodies after childbirth and this is perfectly natural and to be expected. In particular we are concerned about how our tummy looks and wonder how we can regain our figure. If you have a c section recovery to cope with you may have additional concerns.

The solution may lie in a very traditional remedy, often referred to as postpartum binding, which is based on traditional methods dating back many generations. These methods are extremely helpful to women in the postnatal period whether you have had a normal birth or recovering from a C Section.



gabrialla girdle 


Gabrialla -Perfect for C-Section  

These days the very thought of wearing a girdle may seem like a very old fashioned idea to us. But in times gone by women would often wear some sort of girdle or abdominal binder after they had given birth. Over time fewer women have carried on this practice and now its a bit like one of those 'old wives tales' that we don't take much notice of. Its the sort of thing your great grandmother might have done in the good old days.

However the Postpartum Girdle, including those such as the Gabrialla shown above, is now the subject of renewed interest and an increasing number of women are using them. What's more, they are finding that in fact they do actually work. Sometimes the old fashioned way of doing things really is worth trying.

The whole concept is very simple - you benefit from the support and compression which wearing the girdle provides and it can be extremely effective. The best girdle for you will depend on whether you are recovering from a c section and what you find most comfortable. Some which get good reviews are the Gabrialla and the Bellefit.


Bellefit postpartum girdle


Bellefit Postpartum Support Girdle Belt 


When Is The best Time To Start ?

The idea is that you begin wearing the girdle as soon as you can following the birth of your baby. Obviously you should check first with your doctor or midwife that you are ok to begin. If you had your baby via c section the timescale may be different. You then continue to wear the girdle on a consistent basis for several weeks.


What are the Benefits ? 

The girdle gives support to both your abdomen and back, helping to ease the aches and pains which often follow delivery.

  • it helps to support your back with the strain of carrying around your new little bundle of joy  
  • helps you to return to your former shape and regain your pre-pregnancy figure  
  • postpartum girdles can help with the c section recovery period  


How Does A Girdle Help You Back Into Shape?

During pregnancy the increasing size and weight of the growing baby and uterus displace the mother's internal organs. Wearing a postpartum girdle encourages the organs to return to their correct positions. This helps you to begin the process of returning to your original shape and can shorten length of postpartum recovery.

In addition the girdle compresses the uterus, helping it to shrink down to its former size.

Following delivery the abdominal muscles, which have been severely stretched during pregnancy, tend to sag. Within the girdle the abdominal muscles are held in the correct position. By offering support the girdle reduces the amount of strain the muscles must cope with and this helps the muscles to begin the healing process.


What About C Section Recovery?

The period of recovery following a C Section can be lengthy and very uncomfortable. For many new mothers it can be a frustrating time as they find it difficult to carry their new baby around or to cope with general tasks in the home.

Wearing a c section girdle helps to support the back and abdominal muscles, reducing discomfort, making lifting easier and assisting the healing process. Giving support to the muscles surrounding the site of the incision can reduce pain enabling the wearer to be more mobile and this in itself makes recovery quicker.


Does Postpartum Binding Actually Work?

Of course it is very hard to prove one way or the other whether a woman who managed to achieve a rapid return to great shape quickly after having her baby did so because she wore a postnatal girdle. For all we know she might have got into shape just as well without it. Its one of those great unknowns.

However there is plenty of evidence to suggest that in fact they do work for a lot of women. A significant factor is that some women who did not wear a girdle following the birth of their first baby but did wear one after their second, report that they regained their figure more quickly after the second pregnancy. As most people who have given birth more than once will testify, it is almost invariably harder to get back into shape with your second and subsequent children than your first.

This does indicate that the answer to the question 'Do postpartum girdles work?' is quite definitely yes.

There are genuine results gained by mothers who have been using them. Opinions differ on what might be the best brand but most women agree that they certainly do help to get your tummy back the way you want it to be. They also agree that they ease the physical difficulties faced by most women in the early stages after giving birth and particularly after a c section.


Choosing a Girdle- Which One is Best For You?

There are a lot of different post partum girdles available and it has to be said that they do vary quite significantly in price. They also vary in design so it is a very individual choice. For a clearer idea of what type may be the best girdle for you, just click on any of the product links on our site. This will take you directly to the product page containing more details and individual reviews from women who have already used them.


Reviews and Feedback

There are many very positive reviews by women who feel that these girdles have been of real benefit during their post natal recovery. As to which is the best one this is most likely a matter of personal taste as there are quite a few different styles available.

In the struggle to regain your figure after childbirth any help with the process is usually very welcome indeed. A postpartum girdle can be a significant help whether or not you are dealing with a C Section recovery.

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