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Abdomend C Section Recovery Kit


abdomend c section recovery kit

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The period following giving birth by Cesarean Section can, as many women know, be lengthy, painful and highly uncomfortable. Having to deal with a C section may make coping with your newborn baby quite difficult and in particular the lifting and carrying of the baby can be problematic. As if that were not enough, it may also make breastfeeding uncomfortable and possibly painful.

This is often the cause of a great deal of stress and frustration at a time when a new mother already has a lot to cope with. Feeling that she is unable to take care of her new baby fully is not something any new mother wants to experience. Anything which helps to ease these discomforts can only be a good thing. Using a product such as the Abdomend C Section Recovery Kit can make a difference. There are quite a number of support products available to help ease the difficulties and the Abdomend is one which gets some very good reviews.


So What Is In The Recovery Kit?

The kit includes a recovery belt, a bikini belt, a skin brush, a massage therapy guide and information about recovering from a Cesarean Section. Here is a brief description of what each part of the kit is intended to do.



The Abdomend C Section Recovery Belt



AbdoMend Recovery Belt

The belt can actually be worn during your pregnancy if you wish as it will provide helpful support to your tummy and your lower back. It helps to reduce the aches and pains which are an inevitable part of the later stages of pregnancy. The belt is comfortable to wear as it is made from 100% cotton making it soft and lightweight.

The belt can be adjusted to fit, having a long loop and hook fastenings. Different widths are available from 8" to 12" wide and there are five different sizes. This ensures a good fit for everyone whatever their size and build.

The main function of the Abdomend belt is to support you after you have had your Cesarean section and in most cases you should be able to begin wearing it immediately afterwards. Of course you must check with your doctor or midwife first. The belt offers support to your post pregnancy belly in same way as a postpartum girdle does. It helps to keep your muscles in the correct position and hold the incision still, thereby aiding recovery. It also helps to get your tummy back into its pre pregnancy shape.


The Abdomend Bikini Strap



abdomend bikini strap

The Abdomend Bikini Strap is an addition to the belt and it provides protection to the site of the incision. It attaches hip to hip offering support to both the abdomen and back.



abdomend skin brush

The Skin Brush

The skin brush helps to reduce any swelling around the site of the incision. It also helps to prevent small hairs from ingrowing into the incision itself and causing skin irritations.


The Abdomend Massage Guide

The Abdomend C Section Recovery Kit includes a self-help massage guide which demonstrates techniques which will help to prevent the development of adhesions and ensure that the scar heals satisfactorily.

There are a good number of positive reviews for this product. Some women were using the kit after a second or third Cesarean Section and they found that using the Abdomend C section Recovery Kit reduced pain and discomfort to a significant degree. In addition the support offered by the belt made it easier to carry around the newborn and to cope with getting around generally in the early stages.