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Belly Band


This is just a fantastic idea -very very simple, as most great ideas usually are.

Anyone who has had a baby knows that there is that awkward stage in your pregnancy when your clothes no longer fit but you really aren't ready for full blown maternity wear. So you either struggle on feeling uncomfortable all the time or you give in.



belly band


Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band  


Well here is an ingenious and inexpensive solution - the Belly Band. It cleverly covers the gap which starts to appear between your waistbands and your tops so you can continue to wear your ordinary clothes for so much longer. It covers up unbuttoned jeans, pants, shorts or skirts and it gives a fashionable layered effect.


The Belly Band After Pregnancy

After you have had your baby the belly band is still a highly useful item. Unless you are very lucky indeed you tummy will not be back to its original size and shape until sometime after the birth. Using the belly band will enable you to go back to wearing your ordinary clothes straight. Not only does this save you money but its really does make you feel better if you can ears your regular clothes. No-one will know that your buttons are still undone!



The Baby Be Mine Belly Band

baby be mine belly band

Baby Be Mine Belly Band Raspberry Rose


The most popular and best selling on Amazon is the Baby Be Mine Belly Band. At the time of writing it had over a hundred reviews with an average rating of four stars. That was just for the single pack - if you look at the two item pack there are over seventy more reviews, again with an average of four stars. If over a hundred and seventy people have taken the time to write a review then that gives you some idea of how many of these things are actually being sold! It also sits currently at No 68 in the Amazon bestsellers ranking for clothing so it is obviously selling at high volume.


So What Do Reviewers Say?

As you might expect people loved the fact that they could keep wearing their normal clothing instead of shelling out for maternity wear that they didn't even particularly like. Some ladies were still had not had to go into maternity wear by six months!

The fact that there is a big range of colors and patterns to choose from was a big plus point as this made it possible to match the belly band with most existing outfits. 

Some of the phrases used which show how good the belly Band is were things such as 'Love it!'...' life saver'...' I don't know what I'd do without it..... and my personal favorite.....'OMG I'm still wearing my skinny jeans'.

Of course not everyone liked the Baby Be Mine Belly Band. Like at products it does get some negative reviews. However there are far more positive reviews than negative ones. Like most things it doesn't suit everyone, but for the possible benefits it does seem worth taking a look at.



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