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Diastasis Recti - An Explanation 


The muscular wall of the abdomen, otherwise known as the rectus abdominus, consists of a matching set of left and right side muscles. This is the set of muscles which is often referred to as the 'six pack'. This is the area where diastasis recti occurs.

Normally the two sides meet in the middle to form a solid wall of muscle which is very strong. However in the later stages of pregnancy, when there is significant pressure from the uterus on the abdominal wall, a condition known as Abdominal Separation, muscular separation or Diastasis Recti can occur. Softening of connective tissue due to hormonal changes can also be a contributing factor.



girdle for diastasis recti

Girdles Can Help With Diastasis Recti


Put very simply what diastasis recti means is that the left and right sides of the muscle come apart from each other. This results in a weakening of the abdominal wall which in turn leads to difficulty in regaining a good shape after childbirth. As well as hindering progress towards getting your stomach back into good shape, diastasis recti can cause some additional problems. A lack of muscle strength in these important stomach muscles can put increased pressure on the back, causing aches and pains. This can make life with a new baby to carry around and a stroller to push very uncomfortable indeed.


Can Diastasis Recti Be Effectively Treated?

Thankfully yes, it can.

Doing some straightforward abdominal exercises will help. What you must avoid though is doing too much too soon. This will be counter productive and may simply cause more damage. Don't do too much at first, start with just a few gentle exercises and build it up over time.

Before you start any exercise program it is essential that you seek advice from a healthcare professional. You must make sure that you are physically ready to start, plus they should bee able to offer you advice on the best exercises for you as this will vary from person to person.

Its is usually advised that you should not perform sit up or 'crunch' type exercises or any type of exercise which causes the stomach muscles to bulge out.


 Can Wearing A Postpartum Girdle Help?


Wearing a Postpartum Girdle has proved to be helpful with rectifying the problem of diastasis recti for a significant number of women. It will encourage your internal organs to return to their pre-pregnancy positions which will in turn reduce the pressure on the abdominal wall, giving it a better chance of healing.

The girdle will also help the muscles of your stomach wall to maintain their correct position rather than sagging following the birth. These girdles are gaining rapidly in popularity due to the success women are having with them. Of course abdominal binding is far from a new idea and has been common practice in some cultures for many generations. It is simply a modern version of an age-old proven method of both getting back into shape after pregnancy and helping recovery from diastasis recti.



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