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Why Are Kegel Exercises For Women So Important?


The whole process of carrying a child and giving birth places a tremendous strain on the muscles of a woman's pelvic floor. This can lead to a condition referred to as 'stress incontinence' where you may leak urine when you cough, sneeze, run or try to lift heavy weights.

This can be a source of tremendous embarrassment and distress. It is a subject many women find difficult to discuss and as a result they do not seek medical help. The truth of the matter is that a very large proportion of women suffer from this condition to some extent. We suffer in silence when it is perfectly possible to improve things.

It is therefore very important to repair the damage and rebuild the strength of your pelvic floor. This is why Kegel exercises for women are so vitally important. The exercises are simple, but done consistently over a period of time they can make a huge difference.


Kegel exercises for women

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How Do I Do Kegel Exercises?

The first step with Kegel exercises is to find your pelvic floor muscles. This may sound simple and obvious but in fact many women find it a little tricky at first to properly locate and isolate them. However it is impossible to do Kegel exercises effectively without doing so.


How To Find Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

One easy way is to pretend that you are trying to stop yourself from passing wind and urine. You are aiming for the effect of lifting and squeezing at the same time.

What you need to be careful of is that you don't start pulling in your stomach muscles or squeezing your buttocks. These are not the muscles you are trying to exercise! Also you should try to breathe normally throughout the Kegel exercises and resist any urge to hold your breath.


Performing The Kegel Exercises

Slowly close and draw up the muscles around the back passage and then the muscles of the vagina. Try to hold this for a count of five and then gently and slowly relax the muscles. Avoid tensing your buttocks and keep breathing normally.

One technique which quite a lot of women find works well is to imagine a lift going up gradually floor by floor until it reaches the top and then coming back down again in the same way.

Kegel exercises should be done several times a day in order to be effective. It will take a number of weeks for you to start to feel significant results, so do persevere with them.


Using A Pelvic Floor Exerciser For Kegel Exercises

Some women find it easier and more effective to use a pelvic floor exerciser as they find that it helps them to get the exercises right. There a several on the market and a few with very good reviews. For more information see our page on the Pelvic Floor Exerciser.

Whatever method you use it is important to perform the exercises regularly and consistently over a period of time. Kegel exercises for women should ideally become a lifelong habit and an integral part of a woman's fitness regime.



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