Postpartum Girdle

                                    Getting Back Into Great Shape After Childbirth

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Peanut Shell Flats Postpartum Girdle


While being pregnant is a great joy, it can wreak havoc on your body. We end up all out of shape and sometimes that baby weight may be hard to get rid of. So until we are able to lose it we want to wear something that holds us in. And that's where the Peanut Shell Flats postpartum girdle comes in.

A Peanut Shell postpartum girdle helps to hold you in after you have given birth. It is medical grade and is perfect for flushing excess post-pregnancy weight gain. It helps your abdominal muscles return to their former shape. And unlike some other brands, it doesn't ride or bunch up.



peanut shell flats postpartum girdle


And while it isn't the most glamorous girdle, it still does the job. It does exactly what it says it will do. It's comfortable and can be worn with just about any garment. So comfortable that you could wear it all day without any problems. Many new moms have seen great results using Peanut Shell.

And don't worry, this girdle is not visible under your clothes. If you have a c-section the girdle gives you the support you need to hold the incision in place. The material stretches to make it easier for you to get it on. But once its on, it has good compression and holds everything in place.

Not only does the Peanut Shell hold you in place, but it will literally shrink your belly. After pregnancy your belly tends to stay in that flabby stage for much too long. The Peanut Shell Flats girdle will help you get back to pre pregnancy belly. Unlike most other girdles, this one has a flap to make going to the restroom a breeze. Just unsnap it, use the restroom, and snap it back. No struggle involved.


Overall, the Peanut Shell postpartum girdle is the perfect solution for post pregnancy belly fat. And since it's so thin, you can wear it under just about any type of clothing seamlessly. It is a good idea to purchase it at the 8 month mark. That way you can take it to the hospital with you when you get ready to give birth. Once you are cleared you can put it on and leave the hospital.


Trust me, you will be glad you did. It will make a huge difference and help you regain your confidence. Just make sure you use the measuring tool on the site to ensure you order the right size.



 Postpartum Girdle




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