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Pelvic Floor Exerciser - An Effective Solution

pelvic floor exerciser


GyneFlex with VTP (R) - Firm Strength 



What Is The Purpose Of A Pelvic Floor Exerciser?


There are literally millions of woman all over the world who are suffering from a problem which causes them great embarrassment. It is something we tend not to talk about openly and so there are a lot of people who don't realise what a common problem it is. Yet it is something which can be significantly relieved by using a device as simple as a pelvic floor exerciser such as the Gyneflex or the Kegelmaster.


Stress Incontinence

This affects a very significant number of women following childbirth and can get progressively worse with each birth. Considering the strain which the pelvic floor has to endure during pregnancy and childbirth this is hardly surprising. And yet it is a problem little talked about with the result that millions suffer in silence.

Coughing and sneezing can result in the leakage of urine as can sudden movements. Exercise can become almost impossible for some women. One way of dealing with the problem is to wear pads designed to absorb urine - they are very effective and will allow you to go about your normal activities, including exercise, without worry. Don't try to use standard pads for this though as they are designed to absorb menstrual flow not urine and they will not offer sufficient protection.


The Benefits of Using A Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Using a pelvic floor exerciser can bring significant improvements in the strength of the pelvic muscles. The benefits of this are that it results in better bladder control and increases sensitivity. These devices are now being used by an increasing number of women and are getting some very positive reviews indeed. You can check out what women have to say about them by clicking on any of the product images or the link below it. This will take you to more detail including reviews and prices. Two good examples of the pelvic floor exerciser are the Gyneflex and the Kegelmaster.




Gyneflex Pelvic Floor Exerciser


gyneflex regular

GyneFlex with VTP (R) - Regular Strength

The GyneFlex pelvic floor exerciser has is unique in that it has been designed by a Board Certified Gynecologist. It is FDA cleared for treating urinary incontinence and will help to strengthen vaginal muscles. It is very easy and straightforward to use. The item pictured is the regular strength mode; which is recommended for ladies in the 28 to 52 age range who have had one to two babies weighing less than eight pounds, or who suffer from mild incontinence.

Also available are

  • the Gyneflex light which is recommended for  mothers who have had three or more children. Also suitable for those who have had bladder repair surgery, are post menopausal or who suffer from moderate-to-severe incontinence. 
  • the Gyneflex firm which is recommended for the 18-27 age range who had not had either children or vaginal surgery and who do not have an existing incontinence problem. 

Reviews of the Gyneflex are positive to the point of glowing. There are some very happy women out there who have used this product. They reported that they noticed improvement very quickly including vastly improved continence. Several mentioned that their physical relationships had seen dramatic improvements too - read the reviews for the details!

Another point which was made by a number of reviewers was that although they had already been doing pelvic floor exercises they had not been able isolate the muscles well enoughto do them effectively. Using the Gyneflex made it easier to do the exercises properly and get the full benefit of them.


The Kegelmaster Pelvic Floor Exerciser


kegelmaster pelvic floor exerciser


KEGELMASTER 2000 Advanced Pro Pack

The Kegelmaster is specially designed to exercise the vaginal muscles to rapidly improve vaginal tightening and dramatically strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It makes Kegel exercises far more effective by using dynamic progressive resistance. You can improve both your health and your sex life - it is never too late to exercise your pelvic muscles!

The Kegelmaster pelvic floor exerciser provides help to women who suffer from uterine prolapse, prolapsed bladder and stress incontinence. The Kegelmaster will allow you to lead a normal active healthy lifestyle with confidence.

The Kegelmaster comes complete with instruction booklet and DVD.