Postpartum Girdle

                                    Getting Back Into Great Shape After Childbirth

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Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap - Regain Your Shape


post pregnancy belly wrap



Belly Bandit Original

If, like many women, you are thinking about wearing a postpartum girdle of some description after the birth of your baby you will have a number of styles available to you to choose from. The post pregnancy belly wrap is probably the simplest in design of any of them. As the name suggests you simply wrap it around your belly for support. Some have simple velcro fastenings which are easy to adjust.


Styles Of Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap

The one which is pictured at the top of this page is the Belly Bandit original. It is a well known brand which helps to reduce swelling and supports both the abdomen the and back. This belly wrap is also suitable for use by women who have delivered their babies by Cesarean section. In addition to these benefits it is also useful in maintaining a good posture whilst breastfeeding thereby reducing the backache and shoulder pain which breastfeeding mothers so often suffer from. This wrap is available in three colors - black, nude and white.

This post pregnancy belly wrap seems to be one of those 'love it or hate it' products. It has a lot of very positive reviews from women who believe that it has given them great results and who found it comfortable to wear for long periods. On the other hand there are also a fair number of negative reviews from users who were not quite so taken with it. This no doubt reflects the difference in people's individual preferences.



tauts belly wrap

Tauts Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap (Lace) 


The Tauts after pregnancy belly wrap is a very easy to wear soft and lacy garment. It has a three panel construction which shapes to your body and makes it comfortable to wear. It has an eight inch Velcro pad for adjustment to your own measurements which will change as your tummy starts to shrink back into shape. As the Tauts is only 3mm thick, it is invisible under your clothes. This means that you will be comfortable in it for longer periods and as a result will see faster progress.

The manufacturers of the Tauts Belly Wrap recommend that you start to wear the wrap as soon as possible after you give birth and then continue to wear it for forty days in order to achieve the best results. Some reviewers certainly seem to have had good results by sticking to these recommendations.

The Designer Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap


kourtney kardashian belly wrap

Limited Edition Kourtney Kardashian Belly Bandit

A belly wrap may not be something you would immediately think of as designer-wear but the Kourtney Kardashian Belly Bandit has met with some popularity!

Apparently, whilst Kourtney was pregnant, some friends talked to her about the Belly Bandit and how effective they had found it to be after their pregnancies. Kourtney decided she wanted a to try it for herself, but of course not just any old one would be good enough - she wanted one made for her to her own specific design! The result of this is a post pregnancy belly wrap with the usual Belly Bandit features plus a faux lace pattered exterior and a silky soft tan colored interior. It does the same job but with extra added style!