Postpartum Girdle

                                    Getting Back Into Great Shape After Childbirth

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Post Pregnancy Belly - Your First Reaction


When they look at their body for the first time after giving birth most women are absolutely horrified. I think it really does take us completely by surprise, especially with a first baby, just what a post pregnancy belly actually looks like.

I can still vividly remember taking a bath at the hospital shortly after the birth of my first child. There was a full length mirror on the wall. Why on earth anyone would think it was a good idea to put a full length mirror in a bathroom on a post natal ward is beyond me, but anyway it was there. I stood sideways and looked at myself. The sagging mass of skin looked horrendous. The reality hit me that my sagging tummy looked far worse than the bump had. At least it had possessed a shape of some sort but this was something else. I thought to myself well, it can only get better.




bellefit for post pregnancy belly

Postpartum Support Girdle Bellefit


Reshape Your Post Baby Belly With A Girdle

It never ceases to amaze me that the human body recovers in the way it does and that a huge wobbly tummy really does go back into something approximating its previous shape. However your post pregnancy belly is going to need a little help if you are to get the best results. A postpartum girdle can help greatly with this and countless women swear by how effective they are. In addition to wearing a girdle you are going to need to do some post natal exercise as well. It is very important that you don't try to do too much too soon though - some general advice is given below but you should always check with your own doctor or midwife first. The Bellefit shown above is a well regarded girdle.


Exercise For Your Post Pregnancy Body

Once they have given birth a lot of women are very keen to start back into some form of fitness regime very quickly. This is perfectly understandable and to be admired - however this is a time for moderation rather than extremes. While ideally we all want to be rid of that post pregnancy belly as quickly as possible it is essential to take a measured and sensible approach to it. Steady progress is the best way to make sure that you achieve significant and lasting results.


How Soon Should I Start Exercising? 

So long as all is well, and you have had a normal delivery, you should be able to start some gentle stretching and mobility as soon as the day following the delivery. Many hospitals give new mothers a light postpartum exercise program to follow if they feel up to it. We are talking very gentle stuff here starting with things like rotating and flexing your ankles.

These programs are a useful psychological boost because you feel you are making a start but also they help to stimulate circulation. One you get home you continue with gentle stretching and mobility at your own pace.

Getting out and about with your new baby is probably the best way to start on the road back to fitness. If the weather is ok going out for a daily walk will benefit both you and your baby. As well as providing some exercise and fresh air this will also ensure that you don't spend every day around the house. You will reap psychological benefits from just getting out and seeing other human beings. New mothers can become quite isolated in the early weeks and even going to your local park or shops will help you to maintain contact with other people.


After The Post Natal Check    

You should not engage in anything at all strenuous until you have had your post natal check. This applies even if you were super-fit before you became pregnant.  Ask your doctor for advice about stepping up your program. If you have had a cesarean section then you may have to wait a little longer, again your doctor should be able to advise you.


Postpartum Weight Loss - Best Forms Of Exercise

At this stage the best forms of exercise are those which benefit your whole body, your cardio vascular system and all of your muscles. You might think that its your tummy which needs it most but you must be very careful not to target it at this stage as you will do more harm than good. You need to develop your core strength first. Remember that your muscles and ligaments have been stretched and remain softer and more loose for around three months after giving birth. This makes injuries more likely so take things easy and build up gradually. The best activities at this stage are things like -

  • walking    
  • swimming    
  • aqua aerobics    
  • yoga    


Exercise And Breastfeeding 

Is it possible to mix the two? Yes, you can but there are a few things to remember.

  • always feed first. If you try to do it the other way around your breasts will be heavy when you exercise and that will be uncomfortable and may make you sore. Leakage is a potential problem too.   
  • wear nursing pads as you are likely to leak a little milk while you exercise    
  • make sure your bra is very supportive. Your breasts will be heavier than normal and you need to protect the Cooper's ligaments from stretching.    
  • keep exercise fairly light and make sure you eat well to compensate for the calories burned otherwise your milk supply may suffer.    


Aim To Lose Your Post Pregnancy Belly Gradually

It took nine months to put it on so you cannot reasonably expect to get rid of it in a couple of months. Postpartum weight loss is a gradual process. Obviously you can make good progress in that time but it is unrealistic to expect your body to go back to where it was in less than about a year.

It is really not a good idea to try to lose weight quickly after having a baby. Your body has been through a highly stressful process and needs time to recover properly - starving it will not help. Look after yourself, try to eat sensibly, build up your fitness regime and you will get that post pregnancy belly back into shape. Be patient!