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  • Why is the Abdomend C Section Recovery Kit so effective? Find out why and read reviews of the Abdomend from women who have used it after a C Section.

  • The abdominal binder has been used after childbirth in some cultures for many years. The postpartum girdle is popular modern version of the belly binding process.

  • Bellefit

  • The Belly Band is simple and inexpensive way to fit into your pre pregnancy clothes for longer - find out more here.

  • The Belly Bandit is a mid-priced postpartum girdle with good reviews. The Belly Bandit is available in different colors and designs including a designer version.

  • How to contact us at The Postpartum Girdle. If you have any queries you can contact us at our email address.

  • Diastasis Recti, also called abdominal separation or muscular separation, occurs when the uterus places pressure on the muscle wall. A postpartum girdle can alleviate this condition.

  • The Gabrialla Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder for Women offers excellent value for money in a high performance postpartum girdle.

  • Kegel exercises for women, or pelvic floor exercises, are vitally important if you want to avoid problems such as stress incontinence.

  • The Peanut Shell Flats Postpartum Girdle is an excellent compression garrment which will help to flatten your tummy after pregnancy.

  • Pelvic floor exercises are a vital part of recovery after childbirth and can help prevent a number of problems. Find out how to strengthen your pelvic floor.

  • Find out why a pelvic floor exerciser can reduce problems like stress incontinence. Read reviews from very happy women who have used the Gyneflex and the Kegelmaster pelvic floor exercisers.

  • Your post pregnancy belly may fill you with horror at first. It takes sensible exercise and time to get your post pregnancy belly back into shape. A girdle such as the Bellefit can help too.

  • The post pregnancy belly wrap is the simplest design of postpartum girdle. Find out how wearing a belly wrap gets you back into shape quickly after childbirth.

  • Wearing a postpartum girdle helps gets you back into shape after childbirth and is great for C Section recovery too. Find out how you can benefit from wearing one.

  • Amazon has a range of postpartum girdles and you can read reviews from customers to help you to decide whether a postpartum girdle is right for you.

  • At the postpartum girdle we value your privacy. We have drawn up our Postpartum Girdle Privacy Policy.

  • Recovery from c section takes time. Your body needs to heal and many women find that wearing a postpartum girdle helps.

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  • A good quality stretch mark cream can be very effective in improving the appearance of stretch marks. Here is a range of the more popular stretch mark creams.

  • Developing stretch marks during pregnancy is very common but a good cream can reduce their prominence.Find out which are the best stretch mark creams and read user reviews.



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